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Product's Care Advice and Warranty

Your IRIZA jewelleries are delicate in nature and would need to be handled with care and attention. Pieces with stones should be protected from impact or bending, as stones are meticulously and precisely set, and may pop out of the settings if shifted in any way. Pieces with coloured stones should be removed from the body when showering or swimming and should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic machine, as it may cause the stones to be brittle or crack. Please also keep your jewellery away from intense source of heat and extreme temperature changes. 

Your jewellery should be cleaned regularly to maintain a beautiful shine. However, 18K alloys will be affected by harsh chemicals like chlorine and cleaning agents. You can clean your jewellery with a very soft brush in soap water, rinse it in clean water and dry it with a suede cloth.


Jewellery can become easily scratched when coming into contact with one another. We recommend you to store the pieces individually in the jewellery box or pouch. 


IRIZA warrants that IRIZA Jewellery branded products purchased, including online at www.irizajewel.com, are of merchantable quality, provided they are subject to normal use. IRIZA will cover the repairment labour cost for broken chain or product issue, in accordance with the provisions of this warranty policy, any IRIZA branded products within one year of purchase with a proof of the original sales receipt by the customer. 

This warranty does not cover any material cost (diamond, gemstone or gold used) or damage to IRIZA branded products caused by accident, misuse and abuse, modification, attempted repair, negligence after purchase, ordinary wear and tear, and/or failure to follow the Product’s Care Advice above. 

You may initiate a claim under this warranty by contacting us by phone or online. Bring or mail your defective product, in its original packaging, along with a copy of the receipt to us.

Eligibility of this warranty is determined upon receipt and inspection of the product. If it is determined that there is a material or manufacturing defect, the repair specialist will establish the options for repair or replacement, based on (1) the availability of replacement parts/product, and (2) the feasibility of repair. If it is determined that the damage is not a material or manufacturer defect, the After-Sales Repair Policy would be in effect, thus allowing you the option of having IRIZA repair your piece at a cost to you.


For further questions please feel free to contact info@irizajewel.com anytime!