Welcome to IRIZA ! Your Everyday Moments of Wearable Jewellery Artpiece.

About Us



"Every dream begins with a dreamer. From a young age, I've been filled with a multitude of ideas about beauty that I'm eager to bring to life with precision and skill. 

I believe that jewellery is a wearable form of art and personal expression that captures the essence of a moment. That's why I created IRIZA, a fine jewellery brand that combines exceptional quality diamonds and gemstones with exquisite craftsmanship.

Advancing my knowledge in gemmology has not only allowed me to distinguish between genuine gemstones and their imitations, but also to select the finest stones that complement an aesthetic designs and are optimal for value storage purposes for collectors.

We do not just craft art pieces; we craft to make history for you with collection values that transcend through time, reminding you to cherish life's precious moments and be unforgettable. After all, every moment is a lifetime."





IRIZA has always been in love with the vintage items from the 30s to the 50s, and chose to start with jewellery carvings. Inspired by rich and diverse Japanese, European and American retro elements, we simplify, modify and re-design to build our own version of fashionable and elegant New Retro Jewellery.

Our brand showcases a diverse range of everyday wearable art jewellery pieces with their singular beauty, tone, fire and sheen. 

Simplicity, Exquisiteness and Timelessness are the three main characteristics of our products. 

All our products are made with 18 karat solid white, yellow or rose gold, handset with natural diamonds and beautiful precious gemstones, e.g. sapphires and emerald, so as to bring diversity and collection value to you.